#BeDifferent Social Media Campaign is an initiative of C-Life Young Servant Leaders to raise awareness against bribery in Cameroon.

After studying about what the Bible says about corruption, the young servant leaders began to speak out and take a stand against bribery and corruption and not be silent non-participants.

The Main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness against bribery and remind Cameroonians that in their little corner they can shun bribery by taking the stand not to take bribes and not to give bribes. Other organizations have joined C-Life to make this same stand, will you join in?

How can you participate?
Forward your picture and profession to Mr Fonyuy Eldad using the email address eldadfonyuy@gmail.com or whatsapp to 651026107, and in few minutes you will receive the campaign graphic design. When you receive your graphic design, Speak Loud against bribery by posting it on all your social media platforms.

Thank you for the taking the step to be different.