A Heart for Africa

It is not unusual to smoothly combine academic knowledge with business acumen, but to possess such at a young age is worth commending. 

We are happy to present Miss. Shei Larissa the Founder and CEO of Creative Hands Active Hands (CREMAH) Africa as our Servant Leader of the Month. 


Its often said some children do not crawl but walk” and Larissa and her team have been walking” despite starting CREMAH Africa just twelve months ago.   

Owing to their outstanding performance, CREMAH Africa was awarded by the National Outstanding Youth Leadership Awards (NAOYELA) as the National Outstanding Best Youth Empowering Organisation in Cameroon. 

Shei Larisa is a solution oriented, a community social change advocate and youth empowerment actor who is passionate about changing the status quo especially in the lives of youths by harnessing their talents, leveraging on the power of creativity, skills acquisition, servant leadership, and community education. This is does through CREMAH Africa. 

For the past two years, CREMAH has carried out 50 leadership training programs building self-confidence, personal effectiveness, purpose discovery, goal setting, time management and laws of life, mastering the art of public speaking, entrepreneurship, human relations, customer service, and negotiation skills. 

CREMAH has offered over 10,000 hours of formal and informal training through seminars, workshops, and conferences, trained over 10,000 youths in Buea – South West Region. 

Larissa believes that With God and a little effort, you will make a great differenceSuccess is possible”  

“A little Sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man Proverbs 24:33 is her favorite verse as it is areminder that God wants us to be alert, and work both with our hands and minds.  

Larissa is poised to change lives and create impacts, so thatyouths will not slumber but seek to go beyond their limits and obtain the promises God has for them. 

Larissa pours her heart out to the youths in the following words: 

God has bestowed a lot of potentials in us, rather than joining the masses to nag and complain, decide to separate yourself and strive to be the change you seek. No one can change the world alone. We can do it together. Your only limit is you. Drop your excuses and move out by faith. God is committed to respond to bold steps of faith. Become part of the solution today. Africa needs you, Africa needs me, and Africa needs us.”  


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