Alumni Spotlight: Anu Bryan Nkwetta
By: sheila
Jun 24, 2020

Did you know that the Unemployment Rate among the youth in Cameroon is over 30%. This high unemployment yields an astronomically high burden on the few workers shouldering the burden of supporting a vast untapped labor pool.

Featuring in our C-Life Alumni Spotlight this June is Anu Bryan Nkwetta a Human Resource Consultant, Business Strategist and Human Capital Trainer.

Anu hails from Mmockmbie  Village; a land with a very beautiful landscape found among the 17 Fondoms of Lebialem Division one of the Administrative Divisions of the South West Region of Cameroon.

Anu lived and schooled in Mamfe, Foumbot, Muyuka, Alou, Dschang from the primary to the tertiary levels of education. Apart from English and French, Anu speaks the Mock dialect. Coming from a family where Business has been the source of livelihood, Anu proceeded to study Business Administration at the University of  Lillebealt in Denmark. Upon his return to Cameroon, he was overwhelmed by high unemployment rates  in the country and took it upon himself to be a solution provider.

Dynamic Anu

This led Anu to create Anu Consulting and Leadership Services (ANUCOLS) located in Yaoundé. ANUCOLS is a human resource firm, which acts as an intermediary between companies and job seekers. https://www.anucols.com/. Through ANUCOLS, Anu has facilitated the recruitment of more than 160 youths into several companies in Cameroon. He also, organizes workshops to train young people on practical skills such as CV writing and interview skills enabling them land their dream job.

However, in Anu’s words, ANUCOLS though operational did not have a definite mode of operations and strategy. That is the reason why he enrolled for the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program Cohort 4. The module on Entrepreneurship helped him implement his strategies for maximum impact. He is proud of the leadership skill he acquired at C-Life, that helped him effectively reorganize the firm.

“Dynamic Anu” today in addition to being the Founder and CEO of ANUCOLS is the General Manager and Co-founder of Afrigo Market founded with his C-Life Life-group members from Cohort 4 which he met in the the Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program. Afrigo Market Website

Anu Bryan Posing for Afrigo Market

To the youths out there scouting for jobs, Anu has this to say,

“We recruit for Attitude and train for Skills, the workplace is changing as the days go by, so acquire the right skills and develop them. Employers now employ the value you can create for their enterprise.

“Take Servant Leadership, as a lifestyle and you will succeed wherever you find yourself.”

 Anu is driven by the saying “make hay while the sun shines.”

Anu loves cooking and his favorite meal is Eru and white garri (A Cameroonian delicacy).  Sports especially keeps him happy, during his leisure time, Anu watches football (soccer) and is a strong supporter of Manchester City (the Cityzens).

C-Life Cohort 6 Alumni- Like Anu, at C-Life one of the reasons we exist is to reduce the social challenge of unemployment among the youths, by providing training that helps youths create jobs, become gainfully employed, or run a sustainable business within 9 months of completing our program.

To know more about the C-Life Leadership Training Program and more about who we are click the respective links.

We are thankful to God that Anu Bryan our beloved Alumni is living out the C-Life lifestyle of service, professional excellence and integrity for God’s glory. He is not only running his own business but continues to create opportunities for job seekers to become gainfully employed.

If you are a job seeker or need additional skills contact Anu Bryan at ANUCOLS (Tel: +79673711, website: anucols.com ). To Buy or Sell anywhere in Cameroon, check out Anu’s newest business venture Afrigo Market, (Website: AfrigosalesMarket.com )


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