Alumni Spotlight: Bime Petronila Mberile
By: sheila
Apr 28, 2020

C-life is delighted to profile this month of April, the story of our C-Life Alumni Bime Petronila Mberile. After completing the C-Life Servant Leadership Training program, she has chosen to follow God’s call by using her story to provide solutions to those going through similar hardship. 

Having a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in English Law from the University of Yaoundé II Soa, Petronila is more than just a social person, but she likes all diplomatic cuisine and has been shaped by her intuitive quality. She usually tend to read between the lines with curiosity and energy. To me life is a big complex puzzle where everything is connected thus always looking for deeper meanings. I always want to go out and experience things and I don’t hesitate to step out of my comfort zone she says.  

Petronila’s inspiration to start up her organization was triggered by youth unemployment, lack of voice in decision making, lack of support services, high rate of violence against women and girls, resulting to depression and mental disability, negative output, killed aspirations. She believes so much on mental health, which is something a lot of people ignore forgetting that you become who you think.

Petronila has been in situations where she needed someone to talk to but people were so busy to listen. So she thought there could be people out there going through a lot, reason why she created the “Pep talk with Mberile platform which permits youths to share their problems and worries. 

The making of masks to distribute to the less fortunate

The activities of her organization cut across the country. A practical example can be seen in their responsive actions to the Covid-19 pandemic where, they were able to make 200 face mask out of fabric to help communities both in Yaoundé and Buea to combat the Covid19 pandemic.  

The platform is for moral and emotional building of youths thereby, making them resilient to challenges of our country through experiences shared and advice rendered by members. This strategy was put in place to touch a wide range of youths in our community and other communities both national and international.    

 I have faced challenges since the creation of Pep Talk with Mberile especially getting people to see and believe in the vision is challenging as well as getting serious and committed team members.” 

What drives her is not actually a scripture but a hymn by Edward Mote On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand” this is because Christ is the solid Rock under her feet, as she depends on him for everything. In her words in fact God is a safe place to be.  

Then Mt 11:28 come to me all you who labor and are over burden and I will give you rest”. Only Jesus can heal you from any trouble or worries. 

As a servant leader, service to humanity is a priority as you demonstrate humility in the way you work, focusing on the needs of others and support them meet their goals. 

Her advice to young professionals is as follows “Standardize your day to day efforts with the expectations you have for your future. If you picture yourself achieving something impressive one day, then ask yourself, am I doing anything that is impressive right now? If no, then you have to pick up your game.”


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