Alumni Spotlight November 2020: Tani Glory Ghahkanyuy
By: sheila
Dec 14, 2020

This month, for our Alumni spotlight we feature Tani Glory Ghahkanyuy the Manager and lead Trainer at Giddis Computer Training Centre.

Glory attended the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program March-June 7th 2019 as a Cohort 5 fellow (The Diplomatic Cohort). Before joining the program, she worked with Giddis Computer Training Center (2016-present). What actually enthused her to enroll into the SLF Program was the aspect of Servant Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Read her amazing journey on how she is creating impact in the community.

“I was born and raised in Nso, Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Growing up as a child, I had no ambitions and no plans as to how my future was going to look like. I had no plan for the future, no idea what drawing up a business plan, building skills like public speaking and entrepreneurship was all about. In fact, I was very blank in areas of Servant Leadership, Community Service just to name a few. However, when I came to C-Life, it was a very challenging experience for me, for the first time I was told that I had something relevant to offer to the community.

C-Life changed my life in a very positive way as I learned how to stand and talk in public, how to pitch an idea in 5 minutes, how to write a business plan and pitch it to potential investors. It was an incredible experience. My whole training in C-Life set the pace for my career growth, productivity and delivery of services. My whole mindset of career development totally changed. I bless God for this institution.

The program was thought-provoking and at the same time motivating, especially during the sessions on Servant Leadership and Entrepreneurship as it was what stirred me to come for the training. In addition, the module on Public Speaking also spoke to me so personally.

Being part of the Servant Leadership Fellowship Program, is one of the best choices I ever made as it has helped me so much in the aspect of my career plans. Now I am able to set goals and work by them, train people too on the areas of Public Speaking though I am still building my skills.

Giddis Computer Training School

In my workplace, it has been helpful, as my rate of efficiency has amplified due to the urge to gain more skills in the market. I am now a multi-skilled individual because C-Life helped me to understand the importance of skill building.

The good times we shared during the training are still very fresh in my mind. I loved the boldness and smartness of Fawoh Nancy AKA (the Journalist); Also, I wished I could be calm with a voice of authority like that of Solomon-Ray; I admired the charming smile of Fossimock Blaise.

Aside work, I love listening to music, play sports, and most importantly visiting gardens and quiet areas as this helps me boost my spirit and help me meditate. With the knowledge and core values of C Life, I have developed my life Core values of; Integrity, Professionalism and Godliness.

As a Christian youth, I am guided by the following verses of the Bible; Revelations 3: 1-5, Mathew 7:21-23, Mathew 23 and Mathew 25. To my fellow young people, I will advise you to live a life of service to humanity, your community and to lead others through service. Live a life of integrity, Professionalism and most importantly be God fearing.

To get to Glory directly, WhatsApp 671835700, or call 673716633

email: tanigloryghahkanyuy@gmail.com

And you can also connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tani-glory-ghahkanyuy-b62a30185

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C-Life’s mission is to raise African Servant leaders whose way of life will transform their own communities with integrity and professional Excellence for God’s glory. We are thankful to God that Tani Glory is living out this Mission as a lifestyle.


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