Alumni Spotlight: Sam Supka – Community at Heart.
By: sheila
Mar 30, 2020

This may seem like an odd reality. However, in the case of Sam Supka, it is not an oddity at all; in fact, it’s his reality. C-Life is delighted to profile this month, the story of how a highly educated Cameroonian professional chose to follow God’s calling into the field of Community Development.

Growing up in his native Bekora Barombi (be-ko-ra ba-rom-bi) in Cameroon, Sam at the age of 6 keenly observing his Father Supka Sam organizing community services at the stream across the road to the farmland in the village. Sam began catching the community service fever and started volunteering in these community services including those organized by the Chief of his village. This is the genesis of his passion for community development and volunteering.

In 2013 while studying for his Bachelor program in Geography at the University of Buea, Sam remained true to his childhood passion; he personally embarked on keeping his neighborhood and public taps clean, putting smiles on the faces of community dwellers. This earned him names like “Mr. Clean Water” and “Mr. Volunteer” in the community and amongst his peers.

In 2017, Sam came to C-Life after a time of discouragement. However when started attending the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Programme, his passion and vision was revived. The C-Life Servant Leadership program emphasises the need for conducting community service and Sam had the opportunity to carry out community services with his Life Group members. After this experience, Sam decides to take his hobby to the next level. From the Servant Leadership Fellowship, Sam volunteered with C-Life and later founded his own organization called Clean Water and Sanitation Africa (CWASAF) where Sam serves as Founder and CEO.

See this Explainer video that shares a little bit of Sam’s story

Right now, Sam manages 6 other team members and together they have lead 27 community projects on clean-up in 11 communities in the South-West Region of Cameroon precisely in Buea municipality.

CWASAF under its Eco-Green related activities has carried out 4 tree planting programs at these communities; PCC moue, GPS Ndongo, Ndongo community and Bokwai.

Through its On-Campus activities, CWASAF has carried out 3 activities;

  • Donated flowers and flower jars and
  • Planted trees.
  • Carried out a sensitization campaign on Waste Disposal and Management

His favorite quote is “volunteering builds resilient community”

Sam was selected among the top 10 young leaders of the country for the National Outstanding Youth Leader Award (NAOYELA Award) 2019

His organization was nominated together with 226 of which his team took home the award as Best Outstanding Youth Voluntary Organization of the year 2019

According to Sam, “Servant Leadership is not all about doing menial jobs or rendering unusual services in the community. Servant leadership is the ability to use your skills, time and resources to serve humanity with humility and integrity for positive change and transform.”

At C-Life our mission is to raise up African Servant leaders whose way of life is to transform their own communities, with integrity and professional excellence for God’s glory. We are thankful to God that Sam our Alumni is living this mission out as a lifestyle.

Volunteer or Contact Sam & his team at CWASAF
Email : sns.cwasaf@gmail.com
Tel. : +237 675194883
Address: Buea, SW Region, Cameroon.


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