Mar 23, 2021

It’s often so heart touching and worth appreciating when you read the story of Servant Leaders and how God is using C-Life to transform the life of youths in Cameroon. This month, we are glad to present to you Sidorine Wakuna who took part in the Servant Leadership Fellowship ( SLF) Program Cohort 7, in 2020. Read to get her impact story.

I am Sidorine wakuna born and bred in Bali Nyonga on April 7 1984. I attended Catholic School Big Mankon Bamenda and Cameroon Baptist Convention Bali Nyonga. Later attended Secondary and High school at GBHS Bali Nyonga.

To start up a career in teaching, I attended CEFED Santa for the Teacher’s Grade 1 Certificate and a Diploma in Special Education. Apart from school, I had the opportunity to go through a series of training programs/seminars like management and bookkeeping, accounting, communication and mediation, counseling, volunteer for peace, reading and writing African languages especially the Mungaka language, ambassador for peace etc. With all these skills, I felt something was lacking and what could that have been? Still I couldn’t figure it out.

Sidorine Wakuna during the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program.

Thanks to my kid sister and the C-Life team who visited my church to talk about the institution which caught my attention. I decided to enroll.

While at C-Life, my most impactful module was that on the Art of Public Speaking. This module enabled me to build self confidence, improve on decision making and taking action. I had the opportunity for the first time to tell my story to an audience and I was amazed by the remarks. I felt so fulfilled.

Sidorine ready for work in the community.

The impact is immeasurable. I feel complete and really like the unique person God created me to be, going for bigger and scary dreams without fear with so much confidence in myself. 

During my C-Life course I was a teacher at Honoris Causa. After commissioning I decided to quit because it was not fulfilling. Later in October 2020, I created and started Faith Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities (FADRECC) with the objective to teach children with disabilities how to read and write, help them learn any trade of their choice, help them build a career and expose them to many unrestricted opportunities in and around the world.

Sidorine engaging in her community.

For most of these kids, their parents can’t afford their education and they are lamenting in their various corners. By God’s grace, I have started giving them hope by making them feel loved and important. So the journey  has just begun.

 Apart from what I do, I love hanging out with friends, dancing, and farming. Living the core values is at the heart of it all because we are examples. It’s not easy for real but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Cheerful Sidorine Wakuna

Today, I am a Counselor, an Evangelist and the Treasurer in my church. I have taken upon myself to keep the church house clean whether there are appointments to clean or not. This is one of my goals for this year – to give more time to God like never before. Servant Leadership is the best leadership ever. Any leader who wants to create impact in and touch the life of his community, he must be a servant in order to serve genuinely.

Sidorine with kids

I am guided by Psalm 27:1 which says “The Lord is my light and my salvation”. Having Christ i am saved and He being the light, my path will never be dark.

Most youths of today think they are to live a ready-made life or follow others and live with them. Look deep down in yourself and you will discover the true you. Decide to take action. Success and failure are constants. Handwork breeds success and laziness breeds failure. Refuse to be lazy, stop spending your time on whatsApp and Facebook and social media platforms. My fellow young people, try to be positive no matter how hard it is, be of service wherever you find yourself.

To know more about Wakuna:

Tel: 675-484-895; 693-467-813

Email: wakunasidorine@gmail.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sidorine.wakuna.5

Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sidorine-fomba-7217b81a3

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/@sidorine_w

To know more about the Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program and C-Life in general, visit www.myclife.org or our head office at Entrée Saint-Marc Tam-Tam Yaoundé, Cameroon or call us at 675-140-694.


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