Alumni Spotlight: Tabod Gloria Abong
Feb 10, 2021

It is February again in Cameroon, a month that reminds Cameroonian youths of the day their parents and grandparents went to the pools some 60 years ago to choose their fate especially those who come from the former “West Cameroons”. It is a month where pupils, students and teachers alike are busy over youth week activities as they prepare to celebrate youth day, commemorated yearly on February 11.

C-life Cameroon is delighted to present to you a young, enthusiastic, dynamic and vibrant lady Ms. Tabod Gloria Abong who is doing tremendously well as a teacher to transform the minds of her fellow young Cameroonians. Gloria attended the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program as a Cohort 5 Fellow in 2019 and now Alumnus of the program as she tells us her story.

Ms. Tabod Gloria Abong (Cohort 5 Fellow) exuding confidence.

“My name is TABOD GLORIA ABONG, I was born in Yaoundé-Cameroon where I schooled in Government Bilingual Primary School Biyem-Assi and obtained my First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC). From here, I obtained my Ordinal level Certificate ( O’ Level)  in NESCAS Etoug-Ebe Yaoundé and  my Advanced Level Certificates (  A’ Levels) at  PCHS Mankon Bamenda.

To continue climbing my ladder of education and to make sure that I am who I am today, I equally had my BBA in Accounting & Finance in the University of Bamenda’s Higher Institute of Commerce and Management (HICM-Uba).  My journey after high school was so narrow until sometimes in 2016 where I began learning about entrepreneurship much more profoundly than I did in my Conventional Secondary School studies.

I began seeking knowledge, going in for business plan competitions, attending educative conferences and a lot more. However, I had not seen the light yet, then I came across C-Life in 2019 and it literally did changed my whole perspective of being. I remember quite vividly asking Mr Joybert one of the coaches at the time this, “I am lost in this life and I need to find purpose and direction, can C-life really help me? He said, “Yes” I dived in. Before long, I started seeing the leader in me, discovering my purpose, finding ways to live it and fulfil it.

Tabod Gloria Abong: Mental Health Activist. Teacher. Counsellor

In the course of the training, the module that touched me so much were the core values we had to study in life groups because that was what I lacked most in life. After going through this program, today I am glad I took the decision to be part of this training program. The impact is evident in my life as I am able to make very wise choices and decisions, which have an impact on the future not just for me but particularly for my sphere of influence and how it will bring about the change, I seek.

The training was full of fun as I still have fresh memories of our business plans presentations where the craziest, got us cracking up at our choice of names and activities. In addition, I can still remember especially how not everyone could wait to be done because it was one hell of a hectic week.

Also our “clapping game” always got me well started as I still visualize Ms. Eliot singing “A big clap, a bigger clap, another bigger clap………….”

Today, I am currently a Mental Health Activist, a Teacher and a Counsellor exercising my God-given talents and assignment fighting against depression. I know my “WHY“, I know exactly where to fit in and with whom.

Gloria: Lover of Jesus Christ.

I am a FULL TIME LOVER OF JESUS AND A CHILD OF GOD who will stop at nothing until i do His work with excellence. Besides, the one who serves is the greatest. I am able to blend being a Christian and being effective in the world and staying in the light.

To live out my core values in the society, I am officially a mental health activist, I offer counseling to those I successfully reach out to and I volunteer with the right mind towards causes in my field. I build and now have good healthy relationships with a common goal and a good rub-off of positivity and dream chasing. Apart from my work, I like playing like a kid.

Playful Gloria

As a Christian youth, my inspiration comes from the book of Philippians 4:8 KJV, which says Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

To my fellow Youths, my advice to you is “Do not stop searching until you find your path. When you do, stay on track, do not mind when you miss a junction, come back, and start again. Never be ashamed of your many “fall-outs”, just always be sure to forgive yourself and start over. Keep your eyes on the price!”

Servant Leadership remains the only leadership that is and that should be. It is recommended and fulfilling to follow the Jesus’ model of leadership.

To know more about the Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program and C-Life in general, visit www.myclife.org or our head office at Entrée Saint-Marc Tam-Tam Yaoundé, Cameroon or call us at 675140694 or 674083552

To get to Gloria directly, call or WhatsApp: 670699441

Email: agloriatabod@gmail.com .

Facebook: Gloria Tabod

LinkedIn: Gloria Tabod


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