C-Life International Youth Day 2020 Event Highlights.
By: sheila
Aug 21, 2020

It was Saturday morning, 15th August 2020, 8:30am when youths from around Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon, started arriving at the C-Life Cameroon Country Office, to celebrate the International Youth Day 2020.

As a Youth-based organization, we organized an event to commemorate the International Youth Day (IYD). The main reason was to raise awareness on the role youths have to play in the achievement of the agenda 2030 of the United Nations Organization given that barely 9 years are left.

With CEOs, Founders and representatives from youth-based organizations and other participants in attendance, the event started with opening prayer from Tata Evans C-Life’s Outreach and Communications Officer. With everybody well seated and eyes glued to the front, full of anxiety and expectation, C-Life’s Country Director Mr. Ngol’esueh Solomon-Ray with warm words welcomed the participants.

Solomon-Ray (Country Director) welcoming participants

which was closely followed by the reading of the International Youth Day Concept Note by the Programs Manager of C-Life Ms.Ngwain Cleopatra.

Ms. Ngwain Cleopatra (Programs Manager) reading the event’s Concept Note.

Gracing this day, were activities all calling on the youth to know they have a part to play in community development. We began with the debate from GIDDIS Computer Training Institute with the title “Does the Cameroonian educational system prepare the youths for future engagement?”

Debate on the Impact of Cameroon’s educational system on youth engagement in Cameroon.

Ms. Noutch Issoy Prudence, Senior Programs Officer at NewSeta, called on the youths to take part actively in Peace building for it is impossible for the SDGs to come true in the absence of peace.

Ms. Noutcha Prudence presenting on Peace Building and Youth Engagement.

Drugs or substance abuse has become very common amongst young people today and has adversely affected both individuals, family and the community at large. During his presentation, Mr. Njoya Mathias Ngong; Founder and CEO of Youths Against Drug Abuse Foundation International (YADAF) called on the youths to stay away from drugs for its consequences are always far reaching. Also Mr. Njoya shared some breath-taking statistics on drug abuse in Cameroon.

Mr. Njoya presenting on the Drug Abuse and Youth Engagement.

Ms. Fawoh Nancy, Publisher of the LeGideon newspaper (the only female publisher in Cameroon) reiterated that social media is an amazing platform for youths to show the world what they have. They should avoid spreading inaccurate information.

Youths should focus on designing solutions to community problems and be actively involved in the execution them. 

Ms. Fawoh Nancy expounding on Youth Engagement and Social Media.

“As a Youth, you need to give back to your Community through selfless service. As all eyes are looking forward to the realization of agenda 2030, though it seems like an impossibility for these 17 SDGS to be attained. We can make it a reality if you actively play your part as well as I play mine.” Acho Resco, CEO of Watchman Relief Association Global (WRAG). The little things youths do in their various communities counts for the achievement of this goal.

Mr. Acho Resco disseminating strategies on Youth Engagement.

Mr. Ngong George Fonyuy, Founder of People, Technology and Finance (PEOTEF) encouraged the participants to get into action. “After this commemoration, what next”? He posed this question to the participants; urging them to network, build solid teams that will help each community initiative achieve their various goals thereby contributing to the global action.

C-Life International Youth Day Event was fun filled too!

Followed the panel discussion on the concrete actions youths can do to engage actively for global impact viz;

  • building the right values of Love, Integrity, Forgiveness and Peace amongst others.
  • Sensitize more youths on their role in the community and to be part of the IYD initiative.
  • Understand our differences and celebrate our differences.

Ms. Noutcha Prudence coordinating the panel discussion with youths from Giddis computer institute and EXIPS.

The event ended with a series of group pictures and an intense networking session amongst participants. Thank you for coming in your numbers. To our panelist, a special thank you to you all for sharing with us your valuable knowledge and for motivating youths to engage for global action.

Let’s continue impacting and see you all next year for yet another C-Life International Youth Day event. Blessings!

Cross section of participants networking

C-Life Cameroon staff with speakers and some participants


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