C-Life newest commissioned Servant Leaders
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Jun 9, 2018


The word commissioned is defined as, “bringing something newly produced, into working condition”. In a similar sense that is what was happening on Saturday morning, April 26th  when 11 young leaders who have been trained for the last 5 months at C-Life’s Lifestyle Servant leadership training program, were unleashed to serve their community.

After 5 months of intensive training and mentorship, 11 young Cameroonian leaders finally emerged as successful servant leaders ready to be launched into the world as ready-prepared solution bearers….in other words, they are being released to get to work.

C-LIFE’s mission is to build integrity and professional excellence in Cameroon and Africa by developing young God-fearing servant leaders. They adopt a community style approach through formal and informal growth opportunities to unleash the potentials of the next generation of African young adults.

C-Life’s 2018 Trained Servant Leaders












C-LIFE believes that training servant leaders, who fear God and can be accountable to those they serve, will be the answer to fixing the highly corrupt and unstable economies which plague many African countries. It is therefore in view of achieving these objectives that the C-Life Servant Leadership Lifestyle Training Program is organized twice a year for a period of 5 months.

So it was our greatest pride to see these young nation builders, ready to take on their world, even in the midst of difficult odds.

The event began at 9 am with the arrival of the C-Life Team, the Graduating Servant Leaders together with their friends and family and the C-Life Alumni. This was followed by the arrival of the Keynote Speaker– Motivational leader and author, Apostle Numfor during the event. The event was presided over by Miss Etonde Eliot (C-life program Manager) and Mr. Javnuy Joybert (C-Life Country Director). Also present at the Occasion were, Agbor Franklen Ayuk (Entrepreneur, AFA Designs) , and Mac Alunge of Strawacademy.

The program featured:

  • An opening prayer
  • Welcome address by Mr Javnyuy Joybert
  • Address by young servant leaders and testimonies from 2 young leaders
  • A musical performance from one of the graduating servant leaders: Konyuy Colette
  • Keynote address by Apostle Numfor Alain
  • Live Speech addressed to graduates by founder and leader of C-Life – Mrs Ngole’esueh Shiela, USA
  • C-Life’s servant leader creed-Foot washing (Mentors washed mentees feet like Jesus did his disciples to symbolize servant leadership)
  • The Commissioning Pledge by Mr Javnyuy Joybert
  • Closing remarks / Closing prayers / pictures / light refreshments

During the Keynote address, Apostle Numfor Alain, gave amazing leadership insights from the Eagle:

“The Eagle does not feed on dead or decaying matter unlike the vulture and other birds: You can’t last in relevance and destiny if you lack integrity. As a leader, you must stay away from anything that is corrupt or likely to lead you into corrupt acts. 

Also, The Eagle displays the highest form of discipline among birds: Nothing corrupts great potential like careless living. As a leader, you must place value on your time and life. Self-discipline is key to self-improvement and impact. You must put self-restrictions on yourself, or else life will restrict you from impact.

Joel Ekeh Chinazo Achua, a member of this class of the C-Life Servant Leadership Lifestyle Training Program testified saying:

“The spiritual emphasis in this program has boosted my relationship with God and strengthened my commitment to follow biblical principles in every area of life. I learned leadership implies humbly serving others just like Jesus did. I now know bribery and corruption are ills that must not be practiced by the servant leader. Now my lifestyle is built on integrity and my focus is excellence through diligence.

Besides making a better entrepreneur out of me, it also provided me opportunities to strategically plan a business idea and put it into practice…I am so grateful to C-Life and all the mentors and teachers who dedicated time to teach us.”

Colette Jaibe another member of the commissioned class of servant leaders had this to say about the impact of the program on her life;

“The program transformed my life as a whole, not just with friends but I now excel in cordial fellowship with my colleagues and friends. I bless God for this chance I had. Cameroon needs more of such if we want our nation to have a complete change of mindset. God bless C-Life.”

We at C-Life say God bless these 12, as you go about doing good for the glory of our God and the good of mankind. As the scripture says in James 1:27

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

The “refusing to let the world corrupt you” is going to be the most difficult and most transforming application these young leaders can have. May the Lord be their helper.

Adapted from the StrawAcademy Blog


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