C-Life now in Yaounde-Cameroon
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Oct 30, 2018

It is no secret that the political climate in Cameroon right now is very unstable to say the least. In this current climate, C-Life’s operations in Buea had to be temporarily put on hold for the safety of our staff and young leaders in training. Although it was a difficult decision, C-Life decided to begin a new operational chapter in the nation’s capital–Yaoundé. Our four staff personnel moved to Yaoundé and settled in rather quickly.

Now we began the task of introducing ourselves to our new community. We introduced C-life to community leaders in a very memorable event–A movie night coupled with networking. In the voice of one of the staff, here is an account of this exciting event.

October 20th 2018 C-Life Cameroon organized ‘a one of a kind’ movie and networking evening in Yaoundé to introduce C-Life to its new community. It was such an engaging and exciting evening worthy of 40 young CEOs, young Founders and Young professionals who run Youth empowerment organizations, NGOs, Community based organizations and community projects. It was evident that this event served as a wakeup call to this group of persons who turned out with so much curiosity and readiness to exploit every phase of the event. Despite the unfriendly weather (heavy rains and cold), tremendous muddy roads and traffic, these vibrant and energetic men and women were overtaken by their zeal to grow and be transformed and know about C-Life and her program. Their determination proved that nothing of that sort has ever been organized in Yaoundé.

Movie Night with Popcorn is what most Cameroonians have watched only in American movies but C-Life gave them the opportunity to have a live experience at the Avenue Germaine Premises, Yaoundé.

The movie we the C-Life team chose to show was Hurricane Season, starring Forest Whitaker. There were many lessons to learn from this movie, whose premise was the portrayal of how one basketball team was able to be a beacon of hope in the city, after suffering a devasting hurricane. The movie showcased the power of good leadership demonstrated by the coach, allowing the many leaders in the room to immediately see their own pivotal community role even during Cameroon’s current political unrest.

From the movie, they all understood the importance of teamwork and perseverance­, how leaders do not quit even during impossible situations. The coach played by Forest Whitaker portrayed the qualities of a servant leader from the way he was determined in assuring students all will be well even in the midst of very hard times–perseverance is the key to greater success. Our belief and commitment fuels and paves the way for greater things. Just like the coach made the team believe in themselves and their dreams again.

The room packed with community leaders during C-Life Movie Night

Another powerful lesson the leaders were exposed to from the movie, was the idea of having clear core values to bind a team or organization.  At C-Life we seek to demonstrate the core values of servant leadership, integrity, professional excellence, empowerment and edification all for the glory of God.

The evening ended at a high note, from ecstatic smiles, laughter and colorful snapshots and selfies to express the joy of this mind-blowing C-Life event. It was with this wonderful note, that C-Life Yaoundé was officially launched. More of these events to come as we continue to engage our new community in Yaoundé–Cameroon. Thank you, Yaoundé for receiving us with open arms.


Written by: Jaff Petra Yurika (C-Life Operations Specialist)


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