Content of our character as worship
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Sep 12, 2016

Character is like pregnancy. It is very difficult to conceal it from the public.

As Christians, we strive to follow Christ’s teachings and lifestyle. But in an economic environment like Cameroon, where the public service is the major employer and civil servants have suffered two salary cuts, is it possible to look beyond economic benefits when rendering services both in the public and private sector?

Managing public finances is a challenging and tempting task. Hence upholding good moral values and ethical standards play an important role in overcoming the temptation of indulging in corrupt practices in both the public and private sector. Perhaps, this vice has persisted because some Christians have failed to understand that Christianity is a lifestyle that should be rooted in Christian teachings and values, even at the workplace.

One way to overcome Cameroon’s corruption problem is to get Christians to uphold the values of Christ’s teachings and consider the reality that the content of one’s character should reflect worship. After all, good discipleship requires much more than just knowing the word of God. It entails doing it.

Our character content as individuals and as a society is revealed in our daily operations. In the absence of a solid spiritual foundation to nourish our professional integrity, moral vices gradually erodes the foundation of any society.

Citizens start tolerating what others are accepting and the downward spiral continuous. More often, we are carried with the flow of our neighbor’s reaction, unconsciously participating in shaping the moral foundation of our society. The effect in Cameroon has left students and young professionals with inadequate role models to look up to.

Although we all strive for a better society, it would be an illusion to dream of a perfect society but we owe posterity to give it a try. It is in this light that C-life Cameroon joins the journey of changing a nation, a culture one servant leader at a time. There is hope when we turn to the bible, where we truly realize that as much as our current vice lingers strong, there is still nothing new under the sun (Ecc 1:9). And our God still reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of His people, so change can and will come.

Nchemty OzongAshu
C-Life Country Director Cameroon



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