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Fabrice Mbah, a PHD Law Student Buea, Cameroon will promote justice among the marginalized.


God is using us to develop young leaders, who lead by serving first, who are bold, venture into new business opportunities, create organizations that give back to their communities and solve community problems, who fight against corruption through their example, who stimulate biblical living and who promote a favorable socio-economic climate in their community.

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We believe that the C-Life community approach to leadership development will make it more likely for community transformation to occur in the following areas:

Spiritual: Young African leaders will possess high biblical literacy—equipped by the grace of God, to exhibit a character of love, service, compassion and justice in their community.

Economic: Leaders will lead themselves and others to be honest in their business dealings and push for a culture of professional excellence, which promotes skill, innovation and partnerships. This will inherently lead to greater productivity, increased business opportunity and employment in the community.

Political: Leaders who will write laws that promote transparent governance in both public and private sectors. Public servant leaders who will push for the good and well being of those they serve in their area of responsibility.

Leaders will set up streamlined justice systems where every citizen has affordable access to legal representation when the need arises and where the police and judicial system seeks to protect and promote justice in the land.

Social: The privilege of taking care of the poor, sick and refugees in the community, will not only fall on the government or foreign international NGOs but Godly African servant leaders will lead the charge of making sure that empowering services are provided to continue to reduce this destitute sector.

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