How to Run Your Own Team Fundraising Campaign - C-Life

race-advocateThank you for joining us to run your very own C-Life fundraiser! If you’re reading to commit to a goal of raising a minimum of $1,000 and are ready to begin*, please follow these video instructions, below, then click the “Start” button below to set up your own Cause Team:

start-button-200x200Want to join an existing team? No problem! We can also personally direct you to Team Captains who are running their own teams and need participants. Those Team Captains can then invite you to join their team and help them with meeting their fundraising goal.

Thank you so much again for supporting C-Life with this special effort! We will be following up with you along the way and is available for questions, updates, and to cheer you on! Please contact us if you have any questions to get started.

*Need creative ideas on how to run your own unique fundraising campaign? Just want to run an online crowdfunding campaign and keep it simple? No problem! Contact us today:

Stacy Lillis 
Development Director