Gooh Sidwane on Wholesome Health.
By: sheila
Apr 8, 2021

Gooh Sidwane is a Fellow of the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship (SLF) Program Cohort 10 and a Medical Laboratory Technician Trainee. As we continue to commemorate the World Health Day, read Sidwane’s take on Wholesome Health.

Good Sidwane in active service.

“It is not a difficult task to maintain a healthy lifestyle nor does it require a lot of work. We always think we have to do something extra to archive in life, but that is not the case. Have you ever thought of what happens when you live your best, but it seems like there is something still lacking? It is because we try to do extra activities thinking we are living a healthy lifestyle.

The right lifestyle is doing what makes you happy. How we achieve it depends on the way we carry out our daily activities.

We are always afraid to do it because we always put people’s interests and opinions ahead of our aspirations and abilities. We also keep thinking of how people will look at us if we strive to attain our ambitions.  In order to get through this, we need determination, support, good communication, and self-education.

Servant Leader, Gooh Sidwane

The first step to living the right lifestyle is finding out who we are? by leaving our comfort zones to practice the best skills in us as one can best excel when we create our own unique environment. We may fail in the process, get angry, break down emotionally but it’s just a  journey to success, because we rise from every disappointment, we are bound to learn something new that will help in our journey.

How are you then going to rise from every heartbreaking failure?

Surrounding yourself with things that can boost up positive energy, engaging in what makes you passionate, and doing what your body feels comfortable doing. Together, we can accomplish a healthy lifestyle of living which will create impact and change the mentality of others. Take the lead and live your life on your own terms, keep striving to attain your ambitions and use your abilities because that is the way it is supposed to be.”

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