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We appreciate you coming alongside us as we equip and empower the next generation to the glory of God.

  • Pray for the first C-Life residents the Lord will allow us to serve next year 2016
  • Pray for the leased property God has already for us to use in 2016
  • Pray for the $100,000 that needs to be raised to launch the program next year 2016
  • Pray for the C-Life volunteers in the US and Cameroon

Help raise $100,000 this year to launch C-Life in the fall of 2016. C-Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Donate Online or   By Check 

  • Fundraising and development person
  • Someone to manage our social media
  • An Architect to collaborate with our Cameroon architect to create the design and blue print of the C-Life community
  • Someone who can conduct research for new venture funding in our focus areas
  • Prayer team coordinator

To volunteer your time, please contact us.