Orientation Day – Cohort 10
By: sheila
Jan 21, 2021

It was a hot Monday afternoon at about 3pm on Monday 11 January 2021, which the C-Life team had their eyes glued to the road in anticipation of the new start of cohort 10. Few minutes after 3pm, we started welcoming prospective servant leaders for cohort 10 as they showed up. Before 3:30pm, the hall was almost full.

With enthusiasm, they came and from the look on their faces, one could see souls hungry for transformation, excellence and growth. Even the traffic in Yaoundé could not hold them back.

At 3:30pm, we started with an opening prayer lead by Tata Evans, followed by introduction of the C-life team and a general introduction of the Servant leader who all shared their passions and expectations from the SLF program.


Ngwain Cleopatra (C-Life Program Manager)

Ms. Ngwain Cleopatra; C-Life’s Programs Manager, led this session. Meet a few of the servant Leaders and get what they are Passionate about.

Ndango George (Nurse)

Ndango George Gabila is a Nurse by profession and is passionate about transforming the health industry in Africa where most trained nurses are sent to foreign countries neglecting Africa.

Fabiola (Passionate about music)

At a time when most Christian artist are derailed from their focus, Fabiola is passionate about music and will want to stay focused on her course to the end.

Afterwards, there was orientation proper where the Country Director took the stage and requested the servant Leaders to give 4 months of their live to C-Life and it will be  given back to them well reformed. He went further to give a detailed explanation of what C-Life does.

Our Alumni came to share their experiences with their successors. Their before and  after C-Life; what they had during the training, the skills gotten and the impact they are creating back in their various communities after the program. The Enthusiastic Aguh Amukum Nah aka the “The wise woman” came to share her life transforming story with the cohort 10 servant Leaders.

Javnyuy Joybert (C-Life Alumni Director, Renowned Trainer and Coach)

To grace the day, we were blessed with the presence of Mr. Javnyuy Joybert trainer and Alumni Director who also encouraged and congratulated the servant leaders for the  choice they have made by coming to be part of the training. “What does it take for an African to succeed in Africa?” was the motivating question that got their attention glued to him as he gave the answer as simple as:

  • Knowledge and skill are the most important things African youths need to make it in Africa.
  • Strategy, you need strategy on how to make it. Anyone with a good strategy in Africa will make it because in a place where there exist too many problems, there are solutions and you can use the solution to make much money. To him, No employer looks for an employee nor a job seeker these days but a value creators.
  • Know how to turn talent and passion to a skill and make money. No one pays for having a talent or passion.
  • You need God to do it. Make God the board chair, Jesus the CEO, the Bible as your Policy Manual and the Holy Spirit as your strategic adviser

Akamoh Francis from the Ganadores Life group of cohort 7 also shared his experience during the training and the impact he is creating back in the community.” I came to C-life with noting in mind but today, I am a change maker back in my community” were his words

C-Life Cohort 10, Orientation Day

The event ended well with closing remarks/prayers and refreshment. From all indications, these Servant Leaders are ready to begin this journey with the first module on Wednesday 13th of January 2021 with Self Leadership. You still have a chance to be part of us feel free to join us at 3:30pm.

We are located at Entrée Saint-Marc opposite Napoleon Bar. Text or call us at


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