Orientation Day
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Jul 3, 2019

At C-Life we desire our Orientation day to be one of excitement, where we welcome extravagantly our new cohort. We want them to feel special, loved and inspired. We hope that they will realize they are in the right place for a change process that will last them the rest of their lives.

I think we achieved this goal because only after day one, one of the new servant leader fellows, had this to say, “C-Life is a resourceful forum for wisdom, C-Life a foundation of hope, C-Life a pivot motivation and self-discovery…C-Life can offer all this so I forsee”.

Read more about this day as we welcomed our 6th Servant Leadership Training Class.

The feeling that comes with welcoming each cohort is incredible, certainly joyously-overwhelmed is the word.

At 3pm prompt we started receiving our zealous young leaders, the overpowering curiosity expressed on their faces cannot be overemphasize. It was actually a moment of mind-monologues as their minds raced “am I in the right space?” One thing was obvious, their determination to acquire transformative knowledge was non-negotiable. As the Country director mounted the stage everyone had their ears to the ground, keenly attentive and eyes fixed on him.

The orientation session was launched with a formal self- introduction by the young leaders, undisputable is the fact that we are hosting a class of proficient, inquisitive and diverse young people–CEOs, Doctors, teachers, engineers, secretaries, job seekers, all seeking increase in different aspects of their lives.

The country director preceded with the overview of the fellowship model and what to expect in the course of the three months journey.

Seamlessly, what we had was not just an orientation session, but a motivational pitch. The country director delve deep–inspiring and reminding the young leaders of how rare and remarkable they are, and letting them know that entrenched in them are untapped potentials which C-life was just the perfect realm to bring out the best in them.

This session was graced by two Alumni (Durance and Solomon-Ray) who shared elevating testimonies and the take-home message from them was “Don’t minimize you humble start, be hungry for knowledge, C-life can take you to that dream level.

C-Life leans on God for wisdom and direction, as we serve another new class into a place of their God-given destiny. Now Let’s Go!!!!

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Orientation story written by: Nulah Sylvie, C-Life Asst Program Manager


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