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The Board
Sheila Etonga Ng'olesueh
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sheila's passion is to see the word of God lived out in everyday life.


Sheila is a native of Cameroon, Africa. Her love for business and culture led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya, and later an MBA from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Sheila received her Master of Arts degree in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary after sensing a call to Christian ministry. She has served and been mentored at ALARM. It is here that C-Life was birthed. Leading C-Life offers Sheila the unique opportunity to develop Godly servant leaders in Africa’s marketplace.
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Debi Ndindjock
Media & Communications Director

Debi desires that C-Life will help people grow into the fullness of what God created them to be.

Debi is originally from Kenya but has called Texas home for the past 15 years. Her career background has mainly been in design. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, with a bachelor degree in Emerging Media and Communication. Debi’s work involves using Human-centered Design to design digital interactions, services and products to improve users’ experiences and ultimately better their lives. She aims to fully understand people’s needs and then work together with them to design the best solution.
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Pastor Ignatius Arrey
Board Member

Pastor Arrey’s passion is to minister to the immigrant communities in Dallas/DFW.

Pastor Arrey Ignatius is the Pastor of His Ambassadors Church in Garland, Texas. He has known Sheila and the family back when he lived in Douala, Cameroon-Africa. Pastor Arrey’s passion is to minister to the immigrant communities in Dallas/DFW, to help them adapt to their new home, and hold on or introduce to the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also a mental health professional, helping children with mental health disorders in Denton.
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Arlene Johnson
Board Member

Arlene's greatest desire is to see each person be able to utilize their God-given leadership gifts ~ especially women.

Arlene Johnson serves as the Executive Director for Vision Africa Ministries, Inc., which is a faith-based mission organization whose purpose is to “Share God’s Love” with the African people. Born and raised in a diplomatic home, she has lived and worked in 6 of the seven continents. She is a seasoned multicultural and multilingual leader with over 25 years of global experience in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Arlene’s work experience extends to the U.S., Canada, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Australia in fundraising, operations, and marketing capacity. She was also an independent consultant helping nonprofits create a fundraising infrastructure to increase their revenue and help small businesses grow profitably. After leaving Corporate America, Arlene began her ministry experience with Awana International where she moved up the ranks to being Regional Director of the Pacific Rim overseeing 18 country directors for operations and development. She then moved to ALARM – African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries as Vice President of Resource Development to help fund the peace and reconciliation ministries in eight countries within East Africa. Arlene's greatest desire is to see each person be able to utilize their God-given leadership gifts ~ especially women. She has three talented grown children and lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two dogs. They are leaders in their church as premarital and marital counselors, Strengths Finder's rainers. They enjoy playing tennis, dining and watching movies as well as love to host friends at their home. She is also a mentor to a sexually trafficked survivor for the past year.
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C-Life Staff

Javnyuy Joybert
Cameroon Country Director

He is a young leader to watch as the Lord continues to use him to raise up the next generation of nation builders in Africa.

Javnyuy Joybert is C-Life’s Country Director and Consultant. He joined C-Life to lead C-life’s operations in Cameroon and to help implement the C-Life vision from its launch stage to where it is right now. He has been an instrumental force in bringing to life the kind of impact C-Life was created to have in the lives of young professionals in Cameroon. His role apart from leading all the C-Life operations in Cameroon, also lies in using his vast community network to build C-Life for success as other top leaders are invited to serve in the organization. Joybert is widely known for his infectious passion for training and empowering youths for career, community development and business excellence. He also has a passion for empowering organizations to grow through system effectiveness and visionary strategy. His love for human capacity building and entrepreneurship has fueled his life, evident by his creation of various business and community initiatives. He founded The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa, which now has locations in over eight African countries. He also created Wikajobs Career Management Firm. He has a BSc in Financial Management from International University Bamenda and currently completing his MBA program in Human Resource Management with the Rome Business School.
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Eliot Etonde
Cameroon Program Director

Eliot strives to raise a generation of Godly professionals and strong powerful women.

Eliot Etonde is the C-Life Program Director for Cameroon, in this role she leads all the daily operations of a number of key C-Life programs like the Christian Development program, Church relations and the Lifestyle leadership development programs (Community service, Life-groups and Community Service). Eliot has a huge passion to empower youths, women and the girl-child in Cameroon - Africa and a Jesus Freak. This huge passion led her to study Women and Gender studies and Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Buea, Cameroon. She later went through Bethel Atlanta Cameroon school of Ministry where she was trained as a counselor. And also participated in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Having carried out several empowerment initiatives like: Income Generating Activities for single mothers in rural communities, Life skills trainings for university graduates and Christian counselling sessions in her community.
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Jaff Patra Yurika
Cameroon Program Administrator

Jaff was hired on to be on staff after her exceptional performance in the C-Life program.

Jaff Patra Yurika is the C-Life Cameroon Program Administrator and is responsible for all the behind the scenes administrative operations of the organization. She is in many ways the engine that makes all the programs work. She also is the C-life staff photographer, her skill in capturing events and Leadership trainings has been a blessing to the organization. A Graduate from the university of Buea with BSc Degree in Political Science and Public Administration. To follow her gifts and personality, she currently concentrates on the administrative part of C-Life’s operations with aspirations to become a Human Resource professional. To serve her community, she co-founded Humanitarian Development Initiative Foundation (HUMDIF) which focuses on empowering rural women on income generating activities, enabling mentally impaired children get access to recreational centers, library and social inclusion in schools and provide care and nutritional support to the elderly. Jaff Petra joined C-Life as a volunteer while undergoing the C-Life Leadership training program, she was in the second class of its kind (Cohort 2). She was later hired on to be on staff after her exceptional performance.
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Nulah Sylvie Kuna
Assistant Program Coordinator

Nulah is intrigued by women empowerment and child socialization.

Nulah Sylvie Kuna is the Assistant Program Coordinator of C-Life. Her role includes supporting all the C-Life Lifestyle leadership training programs, they include; Community service, Life-groups and the mentoring program. She also leads content creation for all of C-Life’s social media in Cameroon. Nulah is intrigued by women empowerment and child socialization which served her drive to pursuing a double bachelor’s degree in Law/Women and Gender Studies in the University of Buea. She enrolled in the C-Life Leadership fellowship program (Cohort 2) at the dawn of 2018 while volunteering with C-Life and COSDEF Group simultaneously for approximately 6months. In Mid 2018 she was invited to join the C-Life staff. As she grew in her career and self-development, she founded the InspireHer Network which challenges young girls to make the most out of their potentials, embracing opportunities with positive energy and skill.
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Eldad Gaih
Graphic Designer & IT Assistant

Eldad feels happy when he uses technology to empower others.

Eldad is the Graphic Designer & IT Assistant of C-Life Cameroon, his role includes ensuring that all C-Life programs and events are communicated professional through great designs and providing general digital support. Eldad has been enthusiastic about technology since childhood, he beliefs in the power of technology for social change. His desire is to empower his community with technology prompted him to be Co-founder of a technology skill empowerment not-profit initiative called (GirlsTEK Global) with his sister Videc Leinyuy a C-life Alumina. Eldad is also a Net squared organizer an initiative of TechSoup out to empower nonprofits and other community initiatives with technological skills. Eldad is a holder of a B.S. in Banking and Finance and other certifications in Digital marketing and computer programing. His belief in volunteering led him to C-Life, Eldad feels happy when he uses technology to empower others.
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Ngol'esueh E. Solomon-Ray
Assistant Country Director

Ray values wisdom and understanding and is always committed at adding value in everything he does.

NGOL'ESUEH E. Solomon-Ray is the newest member of our team at C-Life. He serves as the C-Life's Assistant Country Director and is responsible for coordinating activities and assisting in managing all staff and programs. He also will lead in creating local partnerships with Universities, Churches and Businesses where mutual benefits can be realized to further collective interests. "Live Truth. Live Free" is his mantra. Ray values wisdom and understanding and is always committed at adding value in everything he does. Ray uses his skills & experience to catalyze C-Life processes and systems enabling these to achieve goals with efficacy. Ray is most passionate about enabling Christians discover their true nature, purpose and destiny in Christ Jesus. He is the Founder and Content Creator at WORDly Global; a Christian blog home to amazing and mind transforming Christian articles. He was in the 5th class (cohort 5) of the C-Life Servant Leadership training program, and joined the C-Life team as a volunteer trainer to take the LIVE Track.
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