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Remembering C-Life’s Introduction in Cameroon
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Mar 27, 2015

After three weeks of buses, taxis and people all around us—the honks sounding loud, the traffic offering the reminder of progress and the shouts and laughter springing forth—Cameroon holds a tender spot. These quirky moments makeup the warmth that still lurks my heart. It always seems to be the people who make my journey so rich, offering me a hidden spot to admire God’s most spectacular creation…PEOPLE (Ps 139).




I still remember the people that made our journey to Cameroon so special. C-Life on September 24th 2014 was introduced to the people of Cameroon. The C-Life philosophy of raising up servant leaders in Cameroon’s professional community who will conduct their work with integrity and excellence for the glory of God, was embraced with open arms.

Heather and I excited about the journey ahead

Heather and I excited about the journey ahead

Heather Huber and I took this journey through Cameroon sharing and enjoying the interactions we made in each town from Douala to Buea, Yaounde to Bamenda and finally to Limbe .


Church Leaders at Presbyterian Church in Yaounde Cameroon

From Church leaders, to University students, to young professionals, it did not take us too much time to discover that our Lord had already prepared the way for His will to be done. The message spoke loud and clear, “the time is here”. We know that the full implications of this mission on the culture has many fights ahead, due to the fact that we will be fighting against sin and its strong roots which have produced a culture of corruption, tribalism, alcoholism, low moral standards and nominal Christianity. However we go as soldiers of the cross like many have gone before us (Heb 12:1-3).


The C-Life Gift, appreciating excellence and integrity everywhere we went. Students, Professors and Church Leaders also got this Thank You gift and everyone was all smiles.

My high moments include the time we spent with students at the University of Buea, sharing with the Journalism class about who C-Life is and how we want to serve. Their eyes lighting up with hope and their questions and comments brought great insight to their desire to be a part of nation building from a Christian worldview.

And the time when we gave a Taxi driver a C-Life gift (A C-Life keychain bottle opener) because he offered excellent service to us, I said “Thanks for serving all your customers well by making your taxi clean for us. We are C-Life and we promote excellence and integrity in the workplace for the glory of God” you should have seen his smile. This smile was replicated when staff at our hotel in Buea—The Mountain Hotel—received the C-life gift for their excellent service—We found out very quickly that this could be yet another way to spread the love of Christ.

There were also the many small conversations I had with young people across the country, each voicing their take of the C-Life dream, offering suggestions from a cultural sensitive place and seeking to know when this organization will start serving their needs.


Then the radio moments where on one occasion C-Life spoke on the National radio station CRTV on the program Options with producer Miranda Atam. The show features young people in the country who are doing great things with their lives, providing hope for other young nation builders. For one hour we spoke about C-Life, and how God desires that we serve young Cameroonians. This indeed was an open door.

Then there were those faces that logistically planned and offered advise making the entire trip a great success. They make up a team of volunteers who are ready and skilled to continue to handle the C-Life planning phase until its official launch.



The Faces that logistically helped Heather and I through the Country (L-R Christian, AnnSophie BateMoore, Rev Gustav, Tabi Ebot, )

So as our US team joins forces with our Cameroon team, we now embark on the one year fundraising phase of C-Life, where friends like you come alongside us to donate towards the realization of this vision— bearing in mind the dream of seeing servant leaders transforming Cameroon with integrity and excellence all for the glory of God. It will take the transformation of leaders to bring an even greater harvest of those the Lord is calling into the kingdom. Thanks for commissioning us to begin this C-Life journey through your prayers and financial support just like the early Church did for Paul & Barnabas (Acts 14:24-28).

C-Life Logo Official         Will you continue to join us on this journey?


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