Silicon Mountain: Buea-Africa’s Tech Hub

For our first ever C-Life monthly profile, we are pleased to present the story of a movement happening in Africa, among young men and women in Buea-Cameroon who are using technology to solve community problems and meet local and emerging market needs.

For our new readers, C-Life is an African-led, non-profit Christian organization that exists to glorify God by equipping and empowering the next generation of African professionals. We expect our trained professionals to emerge as servant-leaders who are spiritually sensitive and give back to their community.

Our three areas of focus are Servant leadership,  Christian discipleship and Career enhancement. Our career enhancement focus is in technology & entrepreneurship. It is with this focus in entrepreneurship and technology that we chose to profile this tech movement of the “Silicon Mountain”  happening in Buea, the city C-Life calls home.

Our hope is that these monthly stories will educate and inspire you while at the same time fan flames to the fire of impact already happening among some young Cameroonians. We also hope that these monthly story profiles will bring more awareness to who we are and how we serve, as we encourage, equip and empower young professionals to live a lifestyle of integrity, innovation and professional excellence for God’s glory and for the good of the community.

Today’s story takes us to Buea (bo-yah), a small college town in Cameroon. The Buea plains are lined with tea farms and its horizon hovers the majestic Cameroonian mountain peaks.

These days however, Buea is not only known for its rich topography but it is also an incubator to some of Africa’s smartest IT-savvy young men. With a vibrant growing mobile app development industry in this region, Buea is now dubbed “Silicon Mountain.”

The above video was produced by France24, an international news outlet. This inspiring story helps us see local Cameroonian app developers at their ‘ActivSpaces’ premises in Yaounde and Buea.

Nchemty OzongAshu (left) - C-Life Country Director - Cameroon; Activespace Community Development Specialist Otto Akama (right)

Nchemty OzongAshu (left) – C-Life Country Director – Cameroon; Activespace Community Development Specialist Otto Akama (right)

After watching this video, our Country Director Nchemty OzongAshu, who lives in Buea, met up with one of the featured young entrepreneurs, Mr. Otto Akama, who was very gracious to welcome us in their ActiveSpaces office (pictured above). Nchemty with great appreciation,  let him know we will be profiling their story this month. We hope this will be the beginning of a good friendship where  we can work together to synergize efforts for lasting impact.

We would like to thank Alain N. Teff of Gifted Mum; Ernest Mbenkum – Founder of First Asset Management Inc., a tech incubator in Yaounde, Churchill Nanje with Njorku; Kareen Atejeh of Viva; Valery Colong – Co-Founder of ActivSpaces, and the rest of the ActivSpaces team. Thank you for all you are doing to be such a positive influence to your community. You are truly a blessing and an encouragement to us at C-Life and to so many others in Cameroon.

Meghan Shrewsbury (Social Media Engagement) & Sheila Etonga (Founder C-Life)

The BBC story about this same movement: Cameroon-New home of innovation 

The C-Life Profile initiative is a monthly profile that captures stories of local Cameroonian businesses or individuals who are already living out the core values and skills which pertain to the C-Life philosophy of glorifying God through one’s profession by living a life of integrity, professional excellence, innovation, servant leadership and giving back to the community. To find out more about our beliefs and philosophy, please go to myclife.org.


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