The sky is closer than you think
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Nov 16, 2016

It is not unusual to smoothly combine academic knowledge with business acumen but to possess such passion at a young age is worth appreciating. C-life is happy to present a gem from Silicon Mountain, Mr. Ayuk Etta-the CEO of SkyLabase, as our Profile for the month of November.

It’s often said that some children do not crawl but just get up and walk and the CEO of SkyLabase and his team of young tech entrepreneurs have been walking for the last twelve months towards developing a career and changing lives in the process.

Read the amazing story of how a young Cameroonian man from humble beginnings is developing financial software solutions to the financial market in Cameroon and beyond.

SkyLabase (sky-la-bah) was born in October 2015 out of the need to have a platform where young people can create wealth in Cameroon and Africa by offering software solutions to local problems. Their primary business is to offer financial solutions for the African market in order to drive the inclusion of millions of unbanked Africans to enjoy financial services at a modest cost. They come with the inspiration of bridging the wide technology gap that exists between Cameroon and Africa and the rest of the developed world.

Contrary to common knowledge that the sky is the limit, the young engineers of SkyLabase believe the Sky is their base, reason why they aptly name the business venture SkyLabase (translated from French to mean, the sky is the base) .

SkyLabase interacting with the public

Mr. Ayuk Etta (pictured above) grew up in a poor home, the last child in a family of ten, where education was not a guarantee. He discovered at a very young age how to generate more from very little, through various business initiatives.

I sold groundnuts on the streets, sold boiled eggs on a tray on my head, as well as shoes and cloths. Interacting with people on a business level was just part of growing up” explained Mr. Ayuk with a broad smile as he looked across his spacious Molyko office in Buea.

As such, when Ayuk discovered the power of technology while in high school, his zeal of creating a technology company to improve lives of people was born. It was natural that after graduating from the department of Engineering in the University of Buea, setting up a software business was an ideal career path.

Skylabase team

It is amazing that this business initiative which started just over a year ago with just one hundred and sixty thousand frs CFA ($300), employs a staff of four (some pictured above) who are already shareholders in the dynamic and innovative tech landscape in Buea, better known as Silicon Mountain. As such, the staff of SkyLabse, are not only employees but they are fulfilling a vision to create wealth for themselves.

Mr. Ayuk says, “once you computerize, you use the solution for ever, the client pays for ever, and you have money for ever, that’s the beauty of the software industry. Technology allows you to think critically and build solutions to problems that will change the lives of millions including your own life”.

Mr. Ayuk is a Christian who  holds dearly the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 3:1 which says “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens”. Mr. Ayuk believes God has lots of ways to reveal Himself, of which he will like to continue to learn and grow in his faith. That is why he considers C-life an enriching venture who will help young professionals like him to do their work excellently, reflecting biblical values for the glory of God and for the good of their community.

Skylabase team brainstorming in their Buea office

Skylabase team brainstorming

C-Life is so pleased to be in partnership with Skylabase where the two organizations share resources in order to enrich to a greater extent those we mutually serve. What a motivation young men Like Mr. Ayuk are to our work at C-life, of building integrity and professional excellence in Cameroon, through the hands of young, godly servant leaders.

Nchemty OzongAshu (Former C-Life Cameroon Country Director)

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