The Joy of Serving
By: sheila
Mar 21, 2018


C-Life young servant leaders Samson Nloin, Afu-uh Godlove, Ndive Sonita, John Sukpa, Chechua Manzo carried out community service at Chief Street Bomakah, Buea on Saturday 3rd of March 2018

Servant leadership is a foreign concept especially in Africa, where “Lordship leadership” reigns. However, there is a new generation of young leaders that will lead Africa in another direction.

We at C-Life are an African led Christian non-profit, that is raising the next generation of nation builders into the joy of serving others. They are learning that true leadership asks the question, “How may I serve you?” or sees the need and decides to meet the need with no questions asked.

Identifying the need and getting to work

That is why some of the C-Life young leader trainees were able to identify the community need to clean up, in the little community of Chief Street Bomakah, in Buea Cameroon, where they reside. So they did what servant leaders do, They went to work, cleaning the streets of this community, setting an example anyone can follow, using the little they had.  With no questions asked, they just wanted the cartier (community) to be better off because they were there, doing all of this with great joy.

Servant leaders-doing what needs to be done, no questions asked

The community these young leaders decided to clean is made up of several small businesses, commercial motto bike riders, family and student residential area. The young leaders chose the community because due to the high commercialization the street is always highly littered. They had the objective of cleaning the street, getting the waste in organized piles for HYSACAM (The Health and Sanitation Company of Cameroon – Agency) to carry easily. It should be noted that this agency doesn’t dispose of littered waste, they only carry and dispose of waste that is organized in hips or piles.

The joy of serving others

We encourage you, young leaders, serving is definitely a joy, not only that, it builds others around you. Keep up the good work.


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