What We Do - C-Life

Our approach

C-Life is where we live out a dream that our Christian faith and our profession are interconnected and they are an answer to sustainable community development. We live out the dream of empowering others to bring meaning to their work, seeing their work as worship to God.

We believe that the beauty of our professional work is tied to the strength or maturity of our faith and this ideology provides the primary motivation to live as servant leaders even in a culture overshadowed by greed, tribalism and inequality.

We teach this ideology to our core demographic, which are university students and young professionals in Africa. We hope that they will be instrumental in contributing to a more transparent, innovative and Christ centered Africa. This C-Life dream begins in Cameroon-Africa, through the arms of three training modules Christian Discipleship, Servant leadership and career enhancement— with a primary focus on developing computer literacy, web based technology skills and entrepreneurship.

The entire training program is called The C-Life Community Lifestyle Leadership Program (C-Life residency program). This leadership-training program entails young leaders, invited in the context of community, to participate in this C-Life dream. Through our training, they too get to live out their Christian faith in a way that influences the quality of their professional work and the impact they have on their community.

The goal of the program is to use our training to equip and empower through real-life practical examples, these young African leaders, so that they emerge as people trusted by employers, customers or business partners because of their integrity, great customer service and excellent skill in their respective profession.

Our search

Our ideal candidate for the C-Life program are university students or graduates and young professionals in their 20s or 30s in Cameroon Africa, whose current life reveals a sense of calling. A calling to make a difference in developing their community through service, sacrifices and discipline. If you fit this profile and are interested to be in the C-Life residency program, contact us.

Our partners

Our ideal partner is any corporation, business, church or individual who believes in our ideology and desires to be actively involved in raising up the next generation of leaders in the Africa marketplace.

How do I get involved?


Our Areas of Focus

Servant Leader

We dream of seeing leaders who focus primarily on the growth and well-being of the community to which they belong and are lifelong learners.


Letting this dream come alive through training in the following areas.

  • The philosophy of a servant leader
  • The impact of a servant leader
  • The motivation of a servant leader
  • Practical ways to servant leadership (field training)
  • Basic job & career preparation
Christian Discipleship

To build up passionate, committed followers of Christ who fear God and are accountable to the people. They will be role models in their communities, serving others with character and skill.


We understand that as Christians, true transformation comes from the inside out, and it is through a supernatural work of the Holy spirit that changes us from being slaves to evil to being slaves to all things good (Rom 6:17-18). Here are some classes C-Life will offer to disciple our residents on this journey of faith:

  • How to read and understand your Bible for yourself (Bible study methods)
  • Growing in intimacy with God
  • Understanding why you believe what you believe
  • Character and Biblical principles
  • Your “secular” work as worship (The Biblical theology of work)
  • Spiritual formation (small community group format)

Radio Career Cameroon


A new generation of young Cameroonians equipped and inspired to courageously create their own business that offer solutions for the needs in their community. Africa enriched with Cameroon professionals excelling in their careers because they are known for integrity, commitment and excellence.


Technology offers an equal playing field for development that is why our training will focus on computer skills and Internet-based technology along with promoting entrepreneurship. Some of our workshops will include:

Computer/Web-based Technology Training

  • Basic Computer Skill
  • Website creation, design
  • Social Media Marketing, Blogging

Entrepreneurship Training

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Ethics and Accountability
  • Budgeting
  • Serving the Customer (Customer Service)
  • Serving the Community (Community Service)
  • Micro-Finance training and Opportunities
What We Believe