Advocate Coordinator - C-Life

Updated March 2016


The C-Life Advocate Coordinator is an incredibly important volunteer position.

The Advocate Coordinator would help, assist, grow, and train other C-Life Advocates.

The Advocates have been a major way that C-Life has been able to increase awareness, as well as obtain funding during this launch season of the ministry.

Advocates are giving a training program and ideas on how to raise the dollar amount goal of their choice.  The Advocate Coordinator would come along side the Advocates, and help ensure that they are successful, as well as help them trouble shoot potential event issues.  This is a highly relational position with the ability to grow and shape the program.

Length of Project:

This is an ongoing need.

We would ask that the Advocate Coordinator commit to a least one year to help build stability and consistency in the program.


  • Use creativity and leadership skills to inspire and encourage others towards a common goal
  • Implement and improve upon already formulated Advocate fundraising strategies for C-Life
  • Monitor and report progress of Advocate activities
  • Communicate effectively with potential donors and potential Advocates
  • Ability to help recruit and train new Advocates
  • Build relationships with current and potential Advocates
  • Regular communication with Advocates to help encourage, problem solve, and assist them to reach their goals
  • Help determine what Advocate activities are successful, and maximize individual advocate success

Tools & teams to support you

  • Easy to use web enhanced donor database called Kindful
  • A team of experienced Advocates
  • Social Media
  • A development team, that has already formulated the strategy, communication, graphic designs to support and promote your events and Advocate training
  • On-boarding training with the development team (The Nonprofit Consulting Shop)
  • Passionate and committed donors, and Advocates


  • Good Communication Skills: Verbal & written. Able to translate vision with passion and insight
  • Ability to research opportunities using the internet, networking and library resources
  • Organizational skills: An ability to manage a number of things at once
  • Presentation skills: This role may require presentations made in homes, businesses, local churches one-on-one, etc.
  • Great Customer service: The ability to serve the Advocates by appreciating them and providing opportunities for engaging their hearts to the C-Life organization
  • People Management: Good relations with the Advocates through support, training, communication, motivation and informing them of progress
  • Marketing: Using creative ways to communicate the vision and impact of the work of C-Life
  • Enthusiasm & Commitment: You must really believe and be committed to the C-Life cause


  • Internship or Stateside Missionary assignment opportunity
  • Helping to secure funding that will transform lives and communities in Cameroon and Africa
  • The enjoyment of working with other individuals who are passionate about helping others The opportunity to satisfy community service hours that pertain to a degree program, internship requirement or self-education in this particular career. Also an opportunity to give back.
  • The excitement of being a part of a new venture grass movement geared towards solving deep rotted socio-economic and spiritual problems in Africa
  • Other benefits: personal growth, career growth potential, opportunity to develop and execute creative ideas, opportunity to improve existing ideas


Kari Trent – The Nonprofit Consulting Shop (Development partners)

Steps to Volunteer:

If Interested please provide your name and email contact to Kari Trent at info@myclife.org with the subject line of “Advocate Coordinator”. If you have further questions, call


More Information about C-Life:

Visit our website www.myclife.org and also our social media channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clifecommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clifecommunity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clifecommunity/

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining the C-Life family through your gifts and talents!