Volunteer Advocate Job Description - C-Life

Updated March 2016


The C-Life Advocate is an incredibly important volunteer position.

The Advocates have been a major way that C-Life has been able to increase awareness, as well as obtain funding during this launch season of the ministry.

As a C-Life Advocate, you would be helping first hand to transform the lives of servant leaders in Cameroon.  People just like me who, with your support, have the opportunity to change a nation.

Advocates are given a training program and ideas on how to raise the dollar amount goal of their choice.  They will have an Advocate Coordinator who would come along side the Advocates, and help ensure that they are successful, as well as help them trouble shoot potential event issues.

We’ve made the process to be an Advocate as easy as 1-2-3-4.

  • Prayerfully consider a financial amount that you would like to help us raise.  You are in no way committed to or responsible for providing that amount. We will simply equip you and join you in praying that God provides through our faithfulness to share our mission.
  • We will get you ALL of the resources that you need to spread the word.  We’ve made the process easy and automated.
  • With the resources we provide, share about C-Life with your friends and family
  • Watch as God provides the resources needed to hit our goal

Some Creative ideas for advocate events (CONVENTIONAL & UNCONVENTIONAL):

Conventional ideas

  • Crowd funding social media: We have an automated process and all the script and graphics for this strategy). Most effective if you have an active Social media voice.
  • Run a race: with a team and raise money for the C-Life cause
  • Garage sale: or selling any item, which you think can raise money for the C-life cause (T-Shirts, meals, services etc.)
  • Home events: Invite friends and family to your home and have me come and share about C-Life (10-15 minutes). In this case I will share and you will make the formal ask to your guests after my presentation
  • Church Community events: Invite me to your community group meeting to share about C-Life so as to give your community group the opportunity to give to the C-Life cause. After my presentation, you will make a formal ask for those who desire to be involved.
  • Business or work meeting event: Invite me to come and talk to your professional or career-related group. Some might be looking for an opportunity to give back (tax-free) to raise professional leaders in Africa. I will come and conduct a 10-15 minute presentation about C-Life and then you will make the formal ask after my presentation.

Unconventional ideas:

  • SELLING T-SHIRTS ONLINE – “Wear is your C-Life”—Set-up fundraising online platform where people can design their own t-shirt, which will be shipped directly to them, and all proceeds, will go towards the ministry (ex: www.bonfirefunds.com/ ) . We have pre-made C-Life logo designs already done
  • PAINTING – “Paint your C-Life”—just maybe we can have a big painting party!!! Maybe work with a them of painting what gives you life…the options are endless.
  • MINI CONCERT – “Hear Life, C-Life”—Get your musician friends, and play for the cause of discipling professionals and creating a more ethical and God honoring community in Cameroon-Africa.
  • POETRY SLAM – “Let us C your Life”—There are a lot of secret poets out there. Would be interesting to have a night where you gather with friends, and their friends, and share some things people have written, whether poetry OR prose. Writings spoken from a said author. Why not? Ten to twenty bucks to come, listen, and share.
  • ARTIST AUCTION – “Help others C-Life”—Have some artist friends who might be willing to donate a piece of their work in an auction. Watch how art can make a difference in an African nation.
  • SELLING POTTED PLANTS -Watch C-Life grow”— People love plants, and if it’s all set up and cute AND for a great cause, I think people would pick them up! Who said going green cannot change an African nation.
  • CARWASH -“C-Life through a clean windshield!”— In the summer heat, gather friends together wearing C-Life t-shirts and having an awesome carwash. Seriously, carwashes are awesome- they are fun, easy, cheap, and lucrative. People like to give their car-washing dollars to fundraising groups, for the most part

We know there are a lot of things that you can share with people in your life.  In today’s world of social media, texting, and instant communication there are many things that you can choose to share with your family and friends.  We are so thankful for your consideration in your support of C-Life and helping us reach our goal.

Length of Project:

This is an ongoing need.

We would ask that the Advocate commit to at least one fundraising event a year.


  • Select a fundraising idea
  • Select a goal
  • Formulate a strategy to reach that goal, or we can help you with this strategy
  • Pray & Execute your idea
  • Have fun doing it

Tools & teams to support you

  • Easy to use web enhanced donor & Fundraising platform called Kindful
  • Social Media
  • A development team, that has already formulated strategy, communication, graphic designs to support and promote your events.


  • A love for having fun and changing the world at the same time
  • A heart for developing leaders in Africa, for discipling professionals, for fighting injustice among the marginalized, for training servant leaders
  • A desire to make an impact by helping raise money


  • Internship or Stateside Missionary assignment opportunity
  • Helping to secure funding that will transform lives and communities in Cameroon and Africa
  • The enjoyment of working with other individuals who are passionate about helping others The opportunity to satisfy community service hours that pertain to a degree program, internship requirement or self-education in this particular career. Also an opportunity to give back.
  • The excitement of being a part of a new venture grass movement geared towards solving deep rotted socio-economic and spiritual problems in Africa
  • Other benefits: personal growth, career growth potential, opportunity to develop and execute creative ideas, opportunity to improve existing ideas


Kari Trent – The Nonprofit Consulting Shop (Development partners)

Steps to Volunteer:

If Interested please provide your name and email contact to Kari Trent at info@myclife.org with the subject line of “Advocate Coordinator”. If you have further questions, call


More Information about C-Life:

Visit our website www.myclife.org and also our social media channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clifecommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clifecommunity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clifecommunity/

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining the C-Life family through your gifts and talents!