Church + Nonprofit Partnership Coordinator - C-Life

Updated March 2016


This position exists to help C-Life build strategic and lasting partnerships with churches and other like-minded nonprofits.

This may include reaching out to personal contacts, organizational contact, cold prospecting, or networking.

The goal of each activity is to engage friends and potential friends of C-Life to participate in the work of discipling Christian professionals by developing young servant leaders in Cameroon-Africa.

With a limited marking budget, C-Life hopes to continue to spread the word and mission by developing key relationships with churches and other like-minded nonprofits.

The Church + Nonprofit Partnership Coordinator will also determine if new church contacts are potential donors, Advocates, volunteers, or simply someone who would like to pray and stay notified about the work of C-Life.

Length of Project:

This is an ongoing need.

We ask that the volunteer commit to at least one year as the Church + Nonprofit Partnership Coordinator as this position depends on personal relationships, and churches having a consistent point of contact.


  • Implement already formulated church partnership strategy for C-Life for the period in question
  • Determine if new contacts are potential donors, Advocates, volunteers, or simply someone who would like to pray and stay notified about the work of C-Life. Then implement the already created and managed path for that person. (Example: add email to automatic mailchimp emails, add number to phone call list, give contact to the Advocate Coordinator, etc.)
  • Reach out to personal contacts, and build new contacts to help spread the mission of C-Life
  • Find out about ongoing church events and volunteer or find volunteers to represent C-Life.  This may include nonprofit Fairs, volunteer fairs, church lobby presence, and occasionally speaking in front of bible studies or church congregations.
  • Monitor and report progress
  • Maintain strong and positive relationships with churches and other contacts
  • Communicate effectively with potential donors, church partners, or nonprofit partners to encourage new or increased contributions and support
  • Recruit sponsors, participants or volunteers for marketing/church/outreach events
  • Update donor database
  • Identify and build relationships with contacts

Tools & teams to support you

  • Easy to use web enhanced donor database called Kindful
  • A development team, that has already formulated the strategy, communication, graphic designs to support and promote your events
  • On-boarding training with the development team (The Nonprofit Consulting Shop)
  • Passionate and committed donors and volunteers


  • Good Communication Skills: Verbal & written. Able to translate vision with passion and insight
  • Ability to research opportunities using the internet, networking and library resources
  • Organizational skills: An ability to manage a number of things and contacts at once
  • Presentation skills: This role may require presentations made in homes, businesses, local churches, at nonprofits etc.
  • Great Customer service: The ability to serve the contacts and donors by appreciating them and providing opportunities for engaging their hearts to the C-Life organization
  • People Management: Good relations with donors, contacts, and volunteers, through support and motivation and informing them of progress
  • Marketing: Using creative ways to communicate the vision and impact of the work of C-Life
  • Enthusiasm & Commitment: You must really believe and be committed to the C-Life cause


  • Internship or Stateside Missionary assignment opportunity
  • Social Networking and personal growth
  • Helping to secure funding that will transform lives and communities in Cameroon and Africa
  • The enjoyment of working with other individuals who are passionate about helping others through developing African leaders, fighting corruption, discipling professionals, etc.
  • The opportunity to satisfy community service hours that pertain to a degree program, internship requirement or self-education in this particular career. Also an opportunity to give back.
  • The excitement of being a part of a new venture grass movement geared towards solving deep rotted socio-economic and spiritual problems in Africa
  • Other benefits: personal growth, career growth potential, opportunity to develop and execute creative ideas, opportunity to improve existing ideas


Kari Trent – The Nonprofit Consulting Shop (Development partners)

Steps to Volunteer:

If Interested please provide your name and email contact to Kari Trent at info@myclife.org with the subject line “Church + Nonprofit Partnership Coordinator”. If you have further questions, call


More Information about C-Life:

Visit our website www.myclife.org and also our social media channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clifecommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clifecommunity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clifecommunity/

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining the C-Life family through your gifts and talents!