Social Media Coordinator - C-Life

Updated March 2016


The Social Media Coordinator role is to build and maintain Social Media Accounts and Online Marketing for C-Life.

Social Media is a key way to engage donors.  We are looking for someone with passion and knowledge about how to grow, maintain, and manage social media accounts.  This will also include helping promote fundraising events, relevant C-Life communications, and growing followers and engagement on all accounts.

Length of Project:

This is an ongoing need.

We would prefer at minimum of a 6 month to 1-year commitment.


  • Implement already formulated fundraising strategy for C-Life for the period in question via social media channels
  • Help create new social media communications
  • Create and maintain a social media calendar
  • Use Hootsuite, or another platform to create similar messages on all channels
  • Grow followers and engagement on all social media sites
  • Help keep communication, comments, and information relevant and timely on C-Life social media
  • Test and report back on new and successful ways to utilize social media
  • Stay current on social media trends, new platforms, and make recommendations based on this information
  • Monitor Social Media accounts and report back to C-Life development team
  • Communicate effectively with potential donors to encourage new or increased contributions

Tools & teams to support you

  • Hootsuite
  • A development team and continued support
  • On-boarding training with the development team (The Nonprofit Consulting Shop)
  • Clean donor database, with small donor file but passionate and committed donors.
  • Existing social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


  • Good Communication Skills: Verbal & written. Able to translate vision with passion and insight
  • Ability to research opportunities using the internet, networking and library resources
  • Database analysis: Managing information through mining database information. This will be used for decision making and personally connecting with donors in ways that interest them
  • Organizational skills: An ability to manage a number of things at once
  • Great Customer service: The ability to serve the donors by appreciating them and providing opportunities for engaging their hearts to the C-Life organization online
  • People Management: Good relations with C-Life development team, C-Life Staff, and social media followers.
  • Reporting: Informing C-Life team of progress, challenges, growth, and new opportunities
  • Marketing: Using creative ways to communicate the vision and impact of the work of C-Life
  • Enthusiasm & Commitment: You must really believe and be committed to the C-Life cause


  • Internship or Stateside Missionary assignment opportunity
  • Relevant and valuable work experience that will translate to any marketing or future career position
  • Ability to strategically lead, improve, and manage a brand on social media
  • Helping to secure funding that will transform lives and communities in Cameroon and Africa
  • The enjoyment of working with other individuals who are passionate about helping others through developing African leaders, fighting corruption, discipling professionals, etc.
  • The opportunity to satisfy community service hours that pertain to a degree program, internship requirement or self-education in this particular career. Also an opportunity to give back.
  • The excitement of being a part of a new venture grass movement geared towards solving deep rotted socio-economic and spiritual problems in Africa
  • Other benefits: personal growth, career growth potential, opportunity to develop and execute creative ideas, opportunity to improve existing ideas


Kari Trent – The Nonprofit Consulting Shop (Development partners)

Steps to Volunteer:

If Interested please provide your name and email contact to Kari Trent at info@myclife.org with the subject line of “Social Media Coordinator”. If you have further questions, call


More Information about C-Life:

Visit our website www.myclife.org and also our social media channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clifecommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clifecommunity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clifecommunity/

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining the C-Life family through your gifts and talents!