Thank You Coordinator - C-Life

Updated March 2016


The C-Life Thank You Coordinator is an incredibly important volunteer position.

There are more ways than one to say THANK YOU! And we cannot thank our donors enough for being a part of the C-Life family—Our donors make it possible for us to build integrity and professional excellence in Cameroon-Africa by developing servant leaders and discipling professionals for the glory of God.

The Thank You coordinator will find small unique ways to say thank you to all donors. This will be done using a systematic approach for which the volunteer can come up with or we can help lay out the Thank You strategy.

Length of Project:

This is an ongoing need.

We would ask that the Thank you Coordinator commit to at least 6-12 months to help build stability and consistency in the program.


  • Use donor database to know current donors
  • Create a schedule or system for which Thank you’s will be done
  • Formulate the kinds of gifts, cards, special touch connecting points with donors
  • Use creative ways and find low cost ways of saying Thank You
  • Mail and sometime home deliver Thank you gifts
  • Share a meal with a donor as a way of saying Thank You
  • This role is free to organize craft parties, as ways to create unique art pieces, to use as Thank You gifts
  • Document in donor database Thank You activity done

Tools & teams to support you

  • Easy to use web enhanced donor database called Kindful
  • A development team, to support you in case you have graphics or website promos you desire to run
  • A small budget to support and subsidize some Thank You initiatives


  • Hospitality: Love to make people feel special and to serve them in unique ways
  • Giving Gifts:  The joy of blessing others through gift giving
  • Creative type: Love to create home décor, crafts and any other items with their hands
  • Enthusiasm & Commitment: You must really believe and be committed to the C-Life cause


  • Internship or Stateside Missionary assignment opportunity
  • Helping to secure funding that will transform lives and communities in Cameroon and Africa
  • The enjoyment of working with other individuals who are passionate about helping others The opportunity to satisfy community service hours that pertain to a degree program, internship requirement or self-education in this particular career. Also an opportunity to give back.
  • The excitement of being a part of a new venture grass movement geared towards solving deep rotted socio-economic and spiritual problems in Africa
  • Other benefits: personal growth, career growth potential, opportunity to develop and execute creative ideas, opportunity to improve existing ideas


Kari Trent – The Nonprofit Consulting Shop (Development partners)

Steps to Volunteer:

If Interested please provide your name and email contact to Kari Trent at info@myclife.org with the subject line of “Advocate Coordinator”. If you have further questions, call


More Information about C-Life:

Visit our website www.myclife.org and also our social media channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clifecommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clifecommunity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clifecommunity/

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining the C-Life family through your gifts and talents!