Who We Are - C-Life

C-Life stands for Christian Life. We are an African-led, non-profit Christian organization.

We exist to develop the next generation of African servant leaders, spiritually and professionally for the marketplace in Africa. Cameroon is the first African country we serve.

C-Life’s mission is to build integrity and professional excellence in Africa by developing young God-fearing servant leaders.

Our dream is to see these youths improve their holistic quality of life and that of their communities while creating a striving transparent economic ecosystem that broadens business opportunities and reduces poverty levels.

Our strategy is to provide community based biblical discipleship and professional training to young aspiring nation builders, to unleash their potential for greater career competency and community transformation through the eyes of a biblical worldview.

Foundation Verse: We stand on this verse said by Christ Jesus, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”(John 10:10).

Our Vision-Where we are going

African leaders transforming their own communities with integrity and professional excellence, for God’s glory.

Our Mission-Why we are on this journey

To build integrity and professional excellence in Africa by developing young godly servant leaders.

Our History

C-Life was founded by Sheila Etonga in 2015 after her internship experience in South Sudan. This exposure allowed her to wrestle with the gnawing question of

“How do you make a difference in Africa?”

How do you build biblical character in Africa at the same time affect lasting socio-economic development in a context of corruption, religious fanaticism and tribal conflicts?

After many months of deliberation, the answer seemed clear but not easy. How do you make a difference in Africa?

You develop leaders-servant leaders. Leaders who will fear God and serve their people with integrity and excellence.

Developing servant leaders is not easy, it takes time and intentionality. That is why C-life has chosen a community style approach of leadership development because of our conviction that life change happens more effectively in the context of community.

The C-Life approach to leadership development will cater to the spiritual and professional needs of most aspiring young community leaders. This training approach uses formal and informal growth opportunities to unleash the potential of the next generation of African young adults to be servant leaders. C-Life believes that training servant leaders who fear God and can be accountable to those they serve, will be the answer to fixing the highly corrupt and unstable economies which plague many African countries.

C-Life begins this journey in Cameroon, joining others in the region that are on the same journey of making a difference in Africa.

Our Goals-How we know if we are getting close

We administer our mission through the lens of three goals: (The “3E’s”)

  1. To be an Example in our community
    1. Provide excellent service to the young leaders we serve and create a culture of asking for their feedback about our service.
    2. Be an advocate for the success of our young leaders in and out of the program
  2. To Equip young leaders to live out Christian values in their professional and personal lives.
    1. Offer structured discipleship training.
    2. Provide unstructured events to promote character, motivate creativity and innovation.
    3. Provide an environment where young leaders will be involved in small community groups that spur them to love and good deeds and also offer accountability and deep-rooted relationships that enhance spiritual growth.
  3. To Empower our young leaders to become real assets to their employers and their communities.
    1. Be an advocate for the success of our young leaders professionally and spiritually, by offering opportunities for creation or securing of jobs.
    2. To train young leaders to be assets for employers and successful business owners.
    3. To direct our young leaders into community enriching services in order to build a character of giving back to their community, expecting no personal gain.
    4. To motivate and inspire our young leaders to be social entrepreneurs who do not only look at the bottom line of profits, but also seek to empower their employees and improve their communities.

Our Strategy-What kind of route we will take to get there 

Life change happens most effectively in community that is why C-Life takes a lifestyle leadership development approach, which happens in living community. Our strategy will be rolled out in phases

  1. Creating a space for training with an emphasis on practical application. Training will be characterized by activity, interaction and group time to provide opportunity for mutual peer edification and accountability to implement the training received.-Current Phase
  2. Creating a community training center where formal interactive equipping trainings will occur, in our three focus areas of Christian discipleship, servant leadership and career development. Career development will focus on strong computer literacy, web-based technology skills and entrepreneurship
  3. Extending our training to work places, schools and other centers of learning to enhance their independent goals while at the same time promoting the vision of C-Life.
  4. Building a residential living Center, for university students or young professionals who have been invited in the C-Life Leadership Resident Program. This program’s goal is to equip and empower residents spiritually and professionally. C-Life will create an inspiring and secure residential community and expose residents to Christian role models in the business/professional world and in the Church.


Christ Centered Living-We desire to live out our Christian faith- to love and serve like Jesus and also apply our faith in our work – not seeking perfection but walking in God’s sufficient grace (Phil 2:13, John 3:16)

Unleashing Potential – We desire to be God’s agent for unleashing the highest potential in our staff, young leaders and community partners (Eph 2:10) for His glory and the good of mankind.

Kindness – We desire to be kind in how we communicate and in how we serve (Eph 4:32)

Servant Leadership – We desire to lead by serving- seeking for the optimum good for those we lead (Matt 20:25-26)

Integrity – We desire to say what we mean and mean what we say- to be transparent about our shortcomings and secure to ask for help (Prov 6:16-19)

Professional Excellence – We desire to live out God’s character of beauty and order, we desire to create systems and processes that will outlast any single generation and improve people’s quality of life (Gen 1:1)

Fun – We desire to have fun in carrying out our mission (Prov 17:22)

Our Expected Outcomes-What success looks like

Young professional leaders, who lead by serving first, give back to their communities, share power, fight against corruption and other injustice through their example, stimulate biblical living and promote a the culture of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Commissioning each year at least 100 Servant Leaders who will in turn disciple, train and mentor at least 10 others. So that cumulatively God uses us to raise at least 1000 leaders each year into our communities.

OUR BHAG (Big hairy audacious goal)

A Cameroon/An Africa where corruption is the exception and not the norm among her young leaders.

What We Do