You are Unique because You are Your Original
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Mar 30, 2019

You are unique because you are your original

There is this African proverb that says, “Imitation leads to danger”.
That is why embracing yourself and your uniqueness makes danger a far cry.

Serving leaders must first learn to embrace themselves.

Embrace your uniqueness, invest in the powerful and unique strengths you’ve got. Remind yourself daily how energetic, how creative, how innovative, how unique, how original and how matchless you are.

Most of the time people have the habit of trying to be who they are not, this is especially common among women. They analyze beauty based on the physical looks of their friends. The analyze financial strength by comparing themselves with others; their work colleagues or managers. But all of that is not worth it. Just be yourself.

Imitation leads to hazardous aftermath. Yes, it really does. Do not let anyone impose on your journey by intimidating you with material things but do what you can at your God-ordained pace. If you must crawl, walk or run, do that at your pace. Everyone has a different timeframe well-structured by God for every activity in life. Oh Yeah you read that correctly.

Let’s look at parents, the way parents treat their children is never the same because each child is different and unique in their temperament. They have different emotional and physical needs, even though they all grow up in one house.
Do not follow the multitude, be you because you are an original and beautifully made. The Bible says it well, “I praise you (God), for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” (Ps 139:14). So rejoice for who you are.

Take your pathway and follow your God-given aptitudes for purpose discovery. Walk your path alone and succeed with like-minded people by joining them on the journey. You got that right! Your friends after high school may decide to take a certain career path, don’t follow because of the friendship attachment you have. The fact that your friend who is an engineer is making it in life does not mean you must make it only through engineering.
Choose your career based on your passion, personality and God given gifts. It does not matter what you study but how you study it. You might think something is not worth doing because it is not looked at highly in the society. However, we all know we need a good barber, a good shoe repairer a good plumber.

So, no job is inferior, if you are gifted in that job, and apply yourself to continuous learning, you will succeed in generating income in that profession you have intentionally chosen. Be open to learn; seminars, workshops, conferences and fellowships are good avenues for your growth. Choose the career that aligns with your natural skills, that which will maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

When you identify that career, purpose discovery is made easy, barriers become predictable, joy comes in and thriving becomes less difficult. Oh yessss!

“Imitation leads to danger”, however you are no imitation, you are unique, a masterpiece made by the God of the universe. So be You! You are original!

Petra Jaff-C-Life Administration Specialist


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