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We develop young servant leaders in community

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To build integrity & Professional excellence in Africa

The journey begins in Cameroon

How to join the C-Life journey

You can play a part in C-Life's journey of developing professionals in Cameroon to be servant leaders with integrity and excellence for the glory of God.


Meet the Team

Sheila Etonga
Founder & CEO
Matt and Elyse Derian
Marketing & Public Relations Directors
Debi Ndindjock
Media & Communication Director
Alain Maashe
Discipleship Program Director
Charity Maashe

C-Life News

Remembering C-Life’s Introduction to Cameroon

After three weeks of buses, taxis and people all around us—the honks sounding loud,

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C-Life is located in the city of Buea (Bo-yah), Cameroon. Buea is found on the Eastern slopes of the Cameroon Mountain, nestled close to the Atlantic Ocean, South West of the country. Its cool weather, tea farms, close-by beaches and majestic mountain range makes this university town a place to visit. Our first batch of 23 young professionals is currently in session, where they are learning to grow in their commitment to follow Christ, to serve others well and to engage in creating a job for themselves by opening their own business.

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