At C-Life we LOVE AFRICA and show our love for this beautiful continent by training her leaders.

We are a Christian non-profit that exist to raise up the next generation of African servant leaders, who transform their own communities with integrity and professional excellence for God’s glory. 

We are located in Yaounde-Cameroon.

Our Story

Who we are at C-Life

Our Work

This testimonial video of Sam, will help you understand more   about what we do at C-Life.

What we do at C-Life

At C-Life we propose a new way to LOVE Africa

Train her leaders

You have loved Africa’s beautiful wildlife animals, its vast rolling hills, dense forest and beautiful beaches. You have loved its strong faith, diverse foods, music and people. Now here is another LOVE to add on the list…Training her leaders. Let us  do it together – Join us.

Hear from our ALUMNI

Eto' o Kobi

Business Owner

Through the C-Life Training Program I have developed leadership skills that have allowed me to be a successful entrepreneur.

C-Life taught me how to give back to my community. Now I train and mentor other young leaders.


Community Impact Leader

Thanks to C-Life I can think on my feet. I was not the brainstorming type, till I enrolled as a C-Life Fellow.

This experience built my critical thinking skills, entrepreneurship and the sensitivity of valuing the needs of others.


Nah Agoh

"C-Life saved my Life"

(3 Mins Video testimony). Nah Agoh a C-Life Alumni who battled depression and even attempted suicide but she got a renewed outlook on life after the C-Life Program.

                    Why train

  1. Africa’s leaders with C-Life?

Poor leadership is Africa’s biggest need. That is why, we at C-Life have one singular focus.

To raise Christ-centered, marketplace servant leaders who transform their communities with integrity and professional excellence.

Be a part of the solution.

Let's LOVE AFRICA together.